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Easy Garden Crafts to Do With Kids This Summer

Summer is a magical time, filled with sunshine, warm breezes, and the vibrant colors of blooming gardens. As a mom, I cherish the opportunity to get my kids outdoors and immersed in the wonders of nature. And what better way to do that than through some easy and delightful garden crafts?

Embrace the Garden Gnome Craze

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the most adorable garden craft idea that my kids absolutely loved – making our own set of garden gnomes! As I discovered on Chica Circle, all you need are some craft sticks, paint, and a bit of creativity to bring these whimsical little characters to life.

My kids had so much fun transforming the plain wooden sticks into their own unique garden gnomes. The pointed end of the stick made the perfect hat, while the wider portion became the body. They went to town decorating their gnomes with bright paints, adorning them with little beards and rosy cheeks.

Once the paint dried, we had a whole community of friendly garden gnomes ready to take up residence in our backyard oasis. We placed them throughout the garden, watching as they seemed to come alive, peeking out from between the tomato vines and zucchini plants. It’s amazing how a simple craft can bring such delight and a touch of magic to your outdoor space.

Get Creative with Seed Starters

Another fun garden-inspired activity that’s perfect for kids is making your own DIY seed starters. As highlighted on, this is a great way to get little hands involved in the planting process and watch the fruits (or veggies!) of their labor grow.

All you need are some basic materials like egg cartons, soil, and seeds. My kids loved carefully placing the seeds in each compartment and then watering their mini gardens. They were mesmerized as the seedlings slowly started to sprout, eagerly checking on their progress each day.

Once the plants were ready, we transplanted them into our garden beds. It was so rewarding for my kids to see the plants they had nurtured from seed thriving in the real garden. They take such pride in caring for “their” plants and can’t wait to harvest the vegetables and herbs later in the season.

Crafting with Nature’s Bounty

Speaking of gardens, why not incorporate the natural elements you find right in your own backyard into some fun crafting projects? As suggested on Pinterest, things like leaves, flowers, twigs, and even pinecones can be transformed into all sorts of charming decorations and keepsakes.

My kids love going on “nature walks” around our garden, collecting interesting finds to use in their creations. They’ll carefully press flowers between the pages of a book, then glue them onto cards or use them to decorate picture frames. Leaves become the base for leaf rubbings, while twigs and pinecones get turned into adorable little critters.

Not only is this a wonderful way to get the kids engaged with the natural world, but it also allows them to tap into their artistic sides. The end results are always so unique and personal – a true reflection of their creativity and imagination. Plus, these nature-inspired crafts make for the perfect summer keepsakes or gifts.

Sensory Garden Exploration

Of course, no discussion of garden-themed activities for kids would be complete without mentioning the joy of sensory exploration. Encouraging your little ones to engage with the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the garden can be a truly magical experience.

Let them bury their hands in the soft, rich soil, feeling the cool, damp earth between their fingers. Have them gently brush their hands over the fuzzy leaves of a lamb’s ear plant or the delicate petals of a flower. Challenge them to identify different scents, from the earthy aroma of freshly turned soil to the sweet, floral fragrance of blooming roses.

You can even set up a dedicated sensory garden station, with various natural elements like stones, shells, seedpods, and more for them to explore. Encourage them to use all their senses to observe and discover the wonders of the garden. It’s a wonderful way to foster a deep appreciation and connection with the natural world.

Bringing It All Together

As you can see, there are so many fantastic garden-inspired crafts and activities that you can enjoy with your kids this summer. From the whimsical charm of DIY garden gnomes to the hands-on fun of seed starting and nature exploration, the opportunities for creativity and discovery are endless.

I hope these ideas have sparked your imagination and inspired you to get outdoors and get crafty with your little ones. Remember, the garden is truly a magical place – one that’s just waiting to be explored, celebrated, and brought to life through the boundless imagination of a child.

So gather your supplies, gather your kids, and get ready to dive into a summer filled with easy, engaging, and oh-so-rewarding garden crafts. The memories you make and the skills you nurture will last a lifetime.

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