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Garden Trends For 2021

Embracing the Unexpected: Trends that Will Shape Our Gardens in the New Year

As a self-proclaimed garden enthusiast, I’ve always believed that the true beauty of a garden lies not in following the latest fads, but in cultivating a space that reflects your unique personality and passions. After all, what’s the point of creating a cookie-cutter landscape when you could instead craft a veritable oasis that transports you to another world every time you step outside?

Sculpture: The Art of the Garden

The Hackney Gardener made a brilliant point – you don’t need acres of land to incorporate stunning sculptures into your garden. In fact, these eye-catching focal points can be the perfect addition to a smaller space, serving as a year-round conversation piece.

I’m picturing it now – a quaint urban courtyard, filled with lush foliage and complemented by the striking silhouette of a vintage bronze bust or a bold, contemporary piece that adds a touch of whimsy. The possibilities are endless, and the right sculpture can truly elevate your garden from ordinary to extraordinary.

Putting Wildlife First

As the world has become increasingly conscious of the importance of protecting our planet, it’s no surprise that this sentiment has also taken root in the gardening sphere. The Hackney Gardener notes that “the idea that the right plant and design choices can increase biodiversity in our gardens is now thankfully well known.”

Gone are the days of manicured lawns and precisely pruned hedges. In their place, we’re seeing a surge in gardens that prioritize the needs of our feathered and fuzzy friends. Whether it’s planting nectar-rich flowers to attract pollinators or incorporating a cozy hedgerow to provide shelter and nesting sites, the focus is shifting towards creating habitats that support the delicate balance of our local ecosystems.

The Thrifty Gardener’s Delight

As the pandemic has reminded us, the ability to be self-sufficient and resourceful is more important than ever. And this mindset is reflected in the growing trend of “thrifty gardening,” where savvy green thumbs are finding creative ways to cultivate their dream gardens without breaking the bank.

According to The Hackney Gardener, the new generation of gardeners are more likely to be working with limited spaces, like patios or balconies, which means they need to be strategic and economical with their choices. Bulk-buying supplies, sharing seeds with friends, and repurposing vintage items are just a few of the innovative tactics they’re employing to stretch their gardening budgets.

And let’s not forget the joy of a good old-fashioned seed swap – imagine the thrill of discovering a rare heirloom variety or an unexpected addition to your garden, all thanks to the generosity of fellow green thumbs. It’s a true testament to the power of community and the shared love of cultivating something beautiful from the ground up.

A Romantic, Lived-In Vibe

In a world that often moves at a relentless pace, there’s something to be said for embracing a more languid, old-world aesthetic when it comes to our gardens. The Hackney Gardener beautifully captures this sentiment, noting that the trend is shifting away from “Changing Rooms-style rapid make overs” and towards “slowly letting the garden evolve into a lush romantic sanctuary full of soul.”

Imagine a winding path lined with cascading wisteria, leading you to a weathered, wrought-iron bench where you can while away the hours, lost in the sights and sounds of your own private oasis. Or picture a whimsical potting shed, its aged wooden planks and peeling paint contributing to an effortless, lived-in charm that seems to have been there all along.

By embracing a more organic, unhurried approach to our garden design, we can create spaces that feel truly timeless – like they’ve been there all along, waiting to welcome us home.

Bringing the Party Outside

Let’s be honest, after the year we’ve all had, we could all use a little more joy and celebration in our lives. And according to The Hackney Gardener, the garden is the perfect place to let loose and embrace our inner party animals.

“I can’t wait to invite a bunch of fabulous friends, let the drinks flow, and have a PROPER party,” they exclaim. “Annoy the neighbours a bit with some loud music, gossip behind the greenhouse, put on a nice dress, laugh and be silly and dance among the roses as dusk falls.”

Imagine transforming your backyard into a veritable oasis of revelry, complete with twinkling fairy lights, a well-stocked bar, and a dance floor under the stars. It’s the kind of scene that would make even the most jaded party-goer swoon with delight.

And let’s not forget the sheer therapeutic value of letting loose and embracing our sillier sides. After all, what’s the point of having a beautiful garden if you can’t enjoy it to the fullest? So dust off your dancing shoes, my friends, and get ready to shake your groove thing among the blooms.

Cultivating Contentment: The Rise of the Garden Oasis

As we look ahead to the new year, it’s clear that the garden is poised to take on an even more significant role in our lives. According to the Garden Media Group’s 2021 Garden Trends Report, the pandemic has sparked a renewed appreciation for the healing power of nature, with more and more people turning to their outdoor spaces as a sanctuary for stress relief, exercise, and creative expression.

In fact, the report notes that “yards need to be Zoom-background ready, hands-on learning zones to keep kids entertained and space for adults to unwind as well.” It’s a testament to the growing recognition that our gardens can be so much more than just a pretty backdrop – they can be vital havens that nourish our minds, bodies, and souls.

And let’s not forget the practical benefits of cultivating our own little patches of green. As Marion Owen of Kodiak, Alaska points out, the pandemic-driven surge in home food production has led to a renewed interest in victory gardens and edible landscapes. After all, what could be more satisfying than stepping outside your door and plucking fresh, nutritious produce to feed your family?

Seize the Seed (and the Moment)

Of course, with this growing enthusiasm for gardening comes a few challenges, as evidenced by the seed shortages that plagued many green thumbs in 2020. Marion Owen shares her own experiences, noting that she “started ordering seeds online starting in October” to ensure she had everything she needed for the upcoming season.

The message is clear: if you want to get in on the gardening action in 2021, you’ll need to be a savvy, early bird. Whether that means scouring seed catalogs months in advance or striking up a seed-sharing co-op with your green-fingered neighbours, the early bird truly does get the worm (or, in this case, the coveted tomato seeds).

A Greener, Brighter Future

As we bid farewell to the tumultuous year that was 2020, it’s heartening to see that the future is looking decidedly brighter, at least when it comes to the world of gardening. From the rise of the garden oasis to the surge in wildlife-friendly landscapes, the trends for 2021 point to a future where our outdoor spaces are not only beautiful, but also restorative, sustainable, and brimming with community spirit.

And who knows, maybe this will be the year that I finally convince my neighbours to join me in hosting the most epic garden party this side of Today’s Gardens. After all, if there’s one thing the past year has taught us, it’s that we could all use a little more joy, laughter, and quality time spent in the great outdoors.

So, my fellow gardeners, let’s embrace the unexpected, get a little thrifty, and create the kind of green spaces that nourish not just our plants, but our souls as well. The future is looking mighty bright, and I can’t wait to see what wonders we’ll cultivate together.

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