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Inexpensive DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Heating Up Our Backyard Makeover

This year is finally the year we start tackling our backyard. My husband and I have already made some major improvements to the back deck by staining and painting it. Now, it’s time to move off the deck and onto the fire pit area. I absolutely love a good fire – they’re great for gathering around, roasting s’mores, and cooking up some delicious hot dogs. Around the fire pit is my favorite stay-cation spot.

So this year, we decided to make a permanent fire pit and seating area in the backyard. I was determined to do it on a budget, without sacrificing the look and feel we wanted. After scouring the internet for ideas, I came across some amazing DIY backyard fire pit projects that fit our needs perfectly. Southern Yankee DIY and The Miller Acres were two of my favorite resources.

Mapping Out the Space

We started by marking our fire pit circle using a stake, string, and some spray paint. The average fire pit inside diameter is between 30-44 inches, and we decided to go with 36 inches for ours. The second circle we painted was for our seating area – we used a string cut at 72 inches to create the large circle.

Mapping out the fire pit and seating area really helped us visualize how the space would look and feel. Once the areas were marked, we got to work bringing our vision to life.

Building the Fire Pit

My husband, Adam, did the heavy lifting on this part of the project. He grabbed a shovel and got to work digging out the entire area. It was a good workout, but much cheaper than renting any equipment.

For the actual fire pit, we decided to use wall blocks from Home Depot. This was the most affordable material we could find that still looked really great. Pro tip: if you order the blocks for pickup, you only have to load them into your car instead of having to load them onto a cart and then your car.

Once we got the blocks home, I started placing them around the smaller circle we had repainted. We used a long level along the blocks as we placed them, digging or adding dirt in some areas to keep them level. A dead blow hammer also came in handy to really pack the blocks into the ground. We even added some adhesive between the layers of blocks for extra hold.

After the fire pit was in place, my little helper (our toddler son) and I got to work spreading the egg rock inside the seating area. To save money, we bought the rock from a local gravel company – buying it by the truckload was way cheaper than buying it by the bag from a big box store.

The Finishing Touches

With the fire pit and seating area complete, we took a step back to admire our handiwork. It was the perfect spot to get cozy, roast some s’mores, and enjoy a crackling fire. But we knew the project wasn’t quite done yet.

Next up, we’ll be building some Adirondack chairs and adding some string lights to really make the space feel complete. I can’t wait to see the finished product and start hosting all our friends and family for backyard movie nights and summer BBQs.

Our total cost for this DIY backyard fire pit project came out to just $356. That’s not bad at all, considering the fire pit kits you can buy online or at home improvement stores start at around $600. We’re thrilled with how it turned out and can’t wait to use it for years to come.

Backyard Bliss on a Budget

If you’re looking to add a cozy fire pit to your own backyard oasis, I highly recommend the DIY route. It may take a bit more time and elbow grease, but the savings are well worth it. Plus, you get the satisfaction of creating something unique and personalized for your outdoor space.

Take it from me – with a little planning, the right materials, and a whole lot of determination, you can have the backyard fire pit of your dreams, without breaking the bank. And who knows, you might even find a new favorite DIY hobby in the process!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Today’s Gardens and start planning your dream backyard fire pit today. Trust me, your wallet (and your s’mores-loving heart) will thank you.

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