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Plant Purple Reign – The Royal Color of Summer

A Regal Revelation in the Garden

Long live the king (or queen) of the garden! If you’re looking to add a splash of royalty to your outdoor oasis this summer, then it’s time to give the pineapple lily, or Eucomis, its due. These tropical-looking stunners deserve a place of prominence in every flower bed and border, container and cut flower arrangement.

I first discovered the enchanting allure of pineapple lilies a few seasons ago, when I stumbled upon a breathtaking display at my local nursery. As I drew closer, I was instantly captivated by the striking, regal presence of their vibrant purple foliage and distinctive flower spikes. It was love at first sight – I knew I had to have them!

Since that fateful day, pineapple lilies have become a staple in my garden, providing a reliable source of summer drama and elegance. The variety that’s truly stolen my heart is ‘Purple Reign’ – a real monarch among its peers. With its deep burgundy leaves, blush-to-mauve blooms, and pineapple-esque silhouette, this Eucomis cultivar is the epitome of horticultural haute couture.

The Reign of ‘Purple Reign’

What makes ‘Purple Reign’ so special? For starters, this pineapple lily boasts a stunning color palette that simply can’t be beat. As the name suggests, the foliage emerges in a rich, regal shade of burgundy that holds its deep hue well into the summer months. Then, in mid-to-late summer, the plant sends up its towering flower spikes, which start off a soft, blush pink before gradually deepening to a luxurious mauve.

The contrast between the dark, dramatic leaves and the delicate, dusky blooms is utterly captivating. It’s as if ‘Purple Reign’ is putting on a royal fashion show, showcasing its finest finery for all the world to admire. And just like a true monarch, this Eucomis variety is certain to command attention wherever it’s planted.

But the visual appeal of ‘Purple Reign’ isn’t the only thing that makes it a standout. This pineapple lily also sports a unique, architectural form that sets it apart from other perennials. The flower spikes rise up tall and proud, reaching heights of 18-20 inches, with acute leaves cascading down the stems in a pineapple-esque silhouette. It’s a bold, tropical look that’s sure to make a statement in any garden.

According to Walters Gardens, ‘Purple Reign’ is a “Pineapple Lily of intermediate size” that’s “perfect for use in mixed perennial borders or as a thriller in containers.” Its compact yet commanding stature makes it an ideal choice for the front of the border, where it can take center stage, or as a captivating focal point in a mixed planter.

The Royal Treatment

Of course, no monarch is complete without their royal court, and ‘Purple Reign’ is no exception. When it comes to companion plants, this pineapple lily pairs beautifully with a wide range of garden stars. For a lush, romantic look, try underplanting it with soft, billowing perennials like Royal Raindrops crabapple or Sedum ‘Midnight Velvet’. Or, for a more modern, architectural vibe, nestle ‘Purple Reign’ among bolder foliage plants like Agastache ‘Royal Raspberry’ or Allium ‘Bubble Bath’.

No matter how you choose to arrange your royal court, one thing is certain: ‘Purple Reign’ will be the undisputed monarch of the summer garden. Its regal presence will draw the eye and captivate all who behold it, leaving a lasting impression that will have you declaring, “Long live the king (or queen)!”

Cultivating Your Pineapple Lily Kingdom

Of course, in order to enjoy the royal splendor of ‘Purple Reign’ in your own garden, you’ll need to know a bit about its cultivation requirements. As a native of South Africa, this pineapple lily is hardy in USDA Zones 6-9, but may require some winter protection if you’re in the upper reaches of that range.

When it comes to planting, Walters Gardens advises that Eucomis should be planted deeply, about 6 inches below the soil line, just like hardy lilies. This helps ensure the flower stalks grow upright and provides extra winter insulation for the bulbs. Pineapple lilies also prefer well-drained, rich soil and full sun exposure, though they can tolerate a bit of afternoon shade in hotter climates.

If you’re growing ‘Purple Reign’ in a container, be sure to use a generously-sized pot – at least 15 gallons – to accommodate the plant’s deep planting needs and top-heavy nature. And don’t forget to provide a bit of winter protection for those potted specimens, either by moving them to a sheltered spot or wrapping the containers in burlap or insulation.

With the right growing conditions and a little bit of TLC, your ‘Purple Reign’ pineapple lilies will reward you with an unforgettable display of regal beauty year after year. And who knows – with a little luck, you may even be able to add a few royal offspring to your garden kingdom, as these plants readily self-seed if the conditions are right.

The Crown Jewel of Summer

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a newbie green thumb, there’s no denying the allure of the pineapple lily. And with the stunning ‘Purple Reign’ cultivar leading the charge, it’s easy to see why these tropical beauties are quickly becoming a must-have for savvy summer gardeners.

So why not add a little royal flair to your outdoor oasis this season? Head on over to Today’s Gardens and pick up some ‘Purple Reign’ pineapple lilies to plant in your garden. With their dramatic foliage, enchanting blooms, and stately silhouette, these regal plants are sure to become the crown jewels of your summer landscape.

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